FAQ’s – Escort Agency, Malaysia

Affordable Escort Services, Kuala Lumpur

Q1. What is the minimum number of hours required for a booking?

One hour. Please note that the rates will not be altered for a booking that lasts less than an hour, nor will rebates be offered.

Q2. . How should I conduct myself at an appointment?

Obviously we expect you to be a gentleman and act with respect and consideration at all times. It goes without saying that we will respond more enthusiastically to a courteous, civilized and appreciative client.

Q3. Is it legal to use the services of an escort?

Yes. It is perfectly legal to pay for the services of an escort. When you use our agency to arrange an appointment with one of our girls, you are paying for time and companionship only, with the pre-arranged escort. Should anything more intimate than platonic friendship occur between yourself and the escort, and then it is as consenting adults behind closed doors and has to be agreed by both parties as being appropriate and comfortable.

Q4. How do I pay my chosen escort?

It is essential that you pay your escort companion at the beginning of your liaison. On arrival, when you are happy with the escort and her apartment, the young lady will expect you to pay her in cash. It is nice to hand her the agreed amount in an envelope although not obligatory. When the formalities are all out of the way you can start to relax and enjoy your time with your Malaysia escort. Our escorts do not expect a tip although if you feel that way inclined, please feel free to do so.

Q5. Can I kiss the escort that I have arranged to see?

This can sometimes be a contentious issue. Normally your escort will be happy to engage in kissing with you as long as there are no oral hygiene issues.

Q6. Do I need to inform for any special requirement or additional expectation?

Yes. Any of your fantasies, special needs, functions (wedding, lunch, dinner or party), dress code & matters to be noted must be informed along with the booking confirmation. They are trained to accompany you for various activities such as social or business settings. Please check details on our gallery for the escort that suits you the best.

Q7. What quality do I expect to get?

You will be getting nothing but the best. Not only do our escorts fit into your society and your need for private companionship, they are quality escorts who can carry themselves well.